Repainting Homes In Brookside: What Makes It Unique

Brookside Home Painting

Repainting Homes In Brookside: What Makes It Unique

Brookside House Painting IS Unique

a brookside home is painted and restoredWe’ve painted a lot of houses in the Brookside area. It’s a fantastic cross-section of Kansas City, with gorgeous older homes and a distinct vibe. Restoring them requires an appreciation for what makes them unique in the first place, especially when there’s wood restoration to be done prior to painting. The right company will have an in depth understanding of the older homes in the area and issues that go along with them. Homes built in those decades used different building principles and materials, and they persist across most of the homes in Brookside. Lath and plaster walls were frequently used, many exterior stucco substrates were blown on, and lumber sizes were true. 1 x 6 trim board was just that…1 inch by 6 inches…not 3/4 inch by 5 1/2 inches, which is today’s standard. Painting and restoration companies that don’t know the difference will end up delivering a finished product that doesn’t look, well, finished.

a classic home in Brookside gets a fresh coat of paint.We love the older homes, they take extra care to bring them to their original glory but the end result is a truly beautiful residence.  Once again, its all in the prep prior to restoration.  After that, knowing how to work and repair the substrates to “previous standards” is also important.  Most exterior pieces on these homes have to be custom fabricated as they’re no longer in production. Companies just don’t make these types of trim pieces, lumber sizes, etc.

If you live in Brookside and your home needs wood repair prior to being repainted, don’t trust amateurs. You really need a painter that will put in the effort to restore these homes. They can be extremely challenging to restore, but they’re equally rewarding.  We love looking at the finished product, and you will too.

Neighborhood Painting is one of the most heavily reviewed and top-rated house painting and restoration companies in the KC metro.  We’ve done numerous homes in Brookside, and we’d love to work on yours as well.  Fill out the simple form above, or give us a call to start the process.  A renewed life for your home is just a call or click away! Below are some images of in-progress work during our time restoring fabulous Brookside homes:

a great brookside home gets repainted after some repair worka brookside home gets stripped before being repainted.

brookside home gets some finish work done on the exterior

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