Repainting Your Kids’ Bedrooms This Summer

repainted kids' bedrooms using patterns of red and green stripes

Repainting Your Kids’ Bedrooms This Summer

So you’re thinking about repainting your kids’ rooms this summer. It may be about time to get down to it. A child’s bedroom goes through more transformation than any other room in the house, from a nursery through to a teen retreat, so this space will need several updates over the years. But where to start? There are literally a thousand and one ideas on Pinterest, but summer might be over by the time you get through them all.

Let us give you the best advice you’ll get all summer: KEEP IT SIMPLE!

As you very well know, what your son or daughter is “in to” right now might hold up until the end of the month, let alone the end of pre-teen years. With that in mind, here’s a few ways to keep it simple.

kids turqoise purpleFirst, look at no more than two colors for a room. Slight variations or complementary colors are great, and often times the smallest wall in the room may be nothing more than an accent wall. Trying to “do to much” will end up with a busy feel that has the opposite effect of what you want when you enter the place you sleep. In the spirit of being fun people often times create an unbalanced look and feel, and usually want to re-do it soon after.

Second, consider lighter colors. Cherry red might be a favorite color of your child, but a room full of a deep, dark color like that can be overwhelming. Lighter colors also aid in a calm, relaxed feel for a room. As a bonus, if you aren’t thrilled with it, going darker is easier than going lighter once it’s on.

kids stripesFinally, and this is really where the rubber meets the road…consider having professional painters repaint your kids’ rooms this summer. Weekends are made for the lake, or the pool, or a friends backyard. DIY projects turn into painting disasters when it’s hot and everyone would rather be doing something else. Many customers prefer to have a few interior rooms repainted at the same time that their home’s exterior is getting done, which saves even more time.

If you’re ready to do something special for your kids without wasting a full summer weekend, contact us for a free estimate today.

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