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Painting Services in Mission Woods

The small town of Mission Woods, KS, has just four streets. Because it’s so tiny, everyone knows everyone else, and the town boasts a unique identity as a place where neighbors always help neighbors and everyone greets each other by name. The attractive homes in the area contribute to the picturesque appearance of Mission Woods. Often these homes need assistance from professionals to remain in good shape.

Neighborhood Painting has assisted residents of Mission Woods and other towns across KS and MO by providing home restoration services since 2002. Our team provides high-quality results, no matter what your needs. We specialize in exterior residential painting and interior residential painting, but we also do so much more, including deck staining, wood rot repair and siding replacement.

A Unique Two-Step Process

Our two-step process sets us apart from other painting companies serving Mission Woods. This unique process ensures everything goes smoothly and you receive the best results.

First, we send a prep and cleaning team to prepare your surfaces for painting. The team goes over each inch of the area, flagging any wood repairs you need and cleaning everything to get the surface ready for paint. Once we have replaced any wood rot and obtained your approval, we bring in our second team, which performs the painting services.

Our painters make sure every line is straight and crisp and don’t leave any drips or missed spots. Our knowledgeable painters are all payroll employees, so you can feel confident they are dedicated to the job and count on them to answer your questions and assist you however they can.

Why Choose Neighborhood Painting for Painting Services in Mission Woods?

You have many choices for interior and exterior painting services in Mission Woods. At Neighborhood Painting, we do the best job, and we provide the best customer service. When you work with us, you will enjoy:

  • Prompt communication, including quickly returned of calls and fast estimates
  • Outstanding attention to detail on every job
  • A free color consultation to help you select the best color options for your home
  • A five-year warranty on exterior painting

From scheduling our first visit to planning the entire job, we keep you in the loop with regular communication. Contact us online today to request a free estimate.