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Painting Services in Westwood Hills

The beautiful neighborhood of Westwood Hills, KS, has been thriving for more than half a century, and it’s not hard to tell why. The homes in this National Historic District attract individuals and families who desire a small-town environment that’s close enough to Kansas City to commute to work. The town has many architect-designed homes that vary from street to street and look attractive while retaining high value.

Are you looking for painting services in Westwood Hills? Neighborhood Painting offers the best experience and results in the area. Our offerings include exterior house painting and interior residential painting, and we have helped many Westwood Hills homeowners transform the looks of their homes. We also offer other home restoration services, including deck staining, wood rot repair and siding replacement.

We produce quality results that you will appreciate. Add value and style to your home by enlisting our services.

Discover Our Outstanding Attention to Detail

Our team approaches every job using our unique two-step process, ensuring you get the best results. First, we send in a prep and cleaning team that looks over every inch of the surface to be painted. After identifying areas with wood rot and performing repairs, we clean the surface to get it ready to take paint.

Our second team handles the painting. The painters’ careful, knowledgeable approach leads to straight lines that enhance the appearance of your home.

Everyone we employ is on our payroll, which we find leads to better results for our customers. Every worker answers to us and is tasked with upholding our high standards. Our painters are personable and happy to discuss any part of the painting process with you.

Raise the Value of Your Westwood Hills Home With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Our home restoration and painting services in Westwood Hills can improve the look of your home and increase its value. A well-cared-for home with new paint will fetch more on the market. In addition, you can feel confident in the appeal of your home when you keep it in good repair with fresh paint.

Why choose Neighborhood Painting? We provide excellent service, quality results and long-term peace of mind. We offer a five-year warranty on exterior painting. Our team also responds quickly to your calls and gets our estimates out fast. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and schedule a free color consultation.