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Painting Services in Westwood

Westwood, KS, houses University of Kansas Hospital facilities and many corporate offices that make it an excellent place for busy professionals to live. The cultural opportunities of the city are just a few miles away, and Westwood offers beautiful homes that are in high demand. Johnson County is one of Kansas’s most desirable places to live.

If you want to freshen up your home, Neighborhood Painting can assist you. We offer exterior residential painting and interior residential painting, as well as other home restoration services in Westwood, including deck staining, wood rot repair and siding replacement.

See how our services can transform your home and raise its value. Trust the professionals at Neighborhood Painting to make the changes your home needs to shine.

We Take a Unique Two-Step Approach to Painting

Our team of professionals employs a two-step process for every job. We deploy two teams to every home. The first is our prep and cleaning team, which looks over your surfaces, cleaning and preparing them for painting. This team replaces any wood rot and suggests siding changes, if needed, getting the space ready for the second team to paint. We don’t begin the second part of the painting process until you have inspected everything and given your approval.

Our second team does the painting carefully, paying close attention to detail. All our painters are well-trained payroll employees, not contractors, so you can rest assured that they will dedicate themselves to doing the best job possible. Our team members are personable and happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are the only company in the Westwood area that takes this unique approach to painting, and we’re proud of the high-quality results our process ensures. You will appreciate our five-year exterior warranty, too.

Exceptional Quality and Communication

Our painting services stand out among other companies in Westwood because of our reliability and dedication to excellence. We offer responsive communication, returning calls quickly and answering questions thoroughly. Our team works fast to deliver estimates, often sending them the same day we visit your site. We produce crisp, straight paint lines, and we don’t finish the job until you’re happy with the results.

Not sure what color to choose? We offer a free color consultation to help you make the best decision. The right color can transform a room by making it seem brighter or cozier.

Get a free estimate on our painting services — contact us to learn more today.