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At Neighborhood Painting, our expertise extends well beyond paint. We’re your full-service Kansas City remodeling contractors, specializing in everything from drywall repair to deck staining to extensive wood rot repair prior to painting

Exterior & Interior Painting

A change of color is an inexpensive way to give your space a fresh look, whether you’re sprucing up the inside or repainting the entire exterior of your building. We offer free estimates as well as color consultation.
If you’re not sure what kind of colors would look best, we’ll offer our own expert guidance and make sure you’re completely satisfied

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Wood Rot Repair

Kansas City residents, we’ll go the extra mile to inspect your building. A quick check of the areas around windows, doors, trim and siding will reveal any rotted wood that should be repaired or replaced completely.

Our remodeling contractors know how to deal with difficult wood rot repair. Kansas City’s climate can be rough on older buildings, and problems will only get worse if you ignore them.

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Deck & Fence Staining

Proper wood staining is not just about aesthetics; it’s about longevity. Staining helps your deck and fence look great and stand up to even the harshest weather conditions.

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Mold Abatement

With a quick inspection, we can locate and remove mold from water-damaged areas like drywall, insulation, interior walls and ceilings.

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Looking for something else? Contact us and tell us more. We’re always open to the right projects.

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