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Historic Home Renovations

Historic Home Renovation in Kansas City

When you’re taking on historic home restoration in Kansas City, you need more than everyday contractors. Historic homes have unique and sensitive needs for two reasons: They often feature different building materials and designs that demand special care, and their age makes them particularly susceptible to damage. Only highly experienced historic home restoration professionals should be trusted to make repairs and updates.

Rice-Tremonti house historical renovations by Neighborhood Painting.

At Neighborhood Painting, we’re your source for experienced and knowledgeable historic home renovation in Kansas City. For 15 years, we’ve been providing expert home restoration and other services to Kansas City homeowners and business owners, both for contemporary and historic properties. When you need help renovating, count on the company that knows how to deliver results — count on Neighborhood Painting.

A Unique, Two-Step Process

When you choose Neighborhood Painting for historical restoration, wood rot repair, and home restoration, we focus on getting the job done right. That’s why we use a unique, two-step process that delivers the care and attention to detail an older home requires.

First, we send in a team that looks at your siding and custom woodwork, searching for any signs of wood rot. This team also cleans and carefully prepares the surface for painting. We only move forward to the second step when you feel fully comfortable and assured that the surface is healthy and ready for painting.

We then send in a team that completes the painting, using the appropriate techniques and proper materials for a historic home. In everything we do, quality is at the forefront.

Rice-Tremonti historic renovation by Neighborhood Painting.

An Emphasis on Quality

Quality is everything to us at Neighborhood Painting. Our team uses quality materials and the most effective processes to deliver top results. This is even more important when taking on projects related to historic home renovation in Kansas City. Historic homes are both beautiful and delicate, and we do everything we can throughout the process to ensure we’re preserving your home’s integrity.

In short, we want to help you protect your investment. To back our work and our commitment to quality, we offer a five-year warranty on our exterior services.

Results That Matter: The Rice-Tremonti House

Historic homes in the Kansas City area and around the country are precious assets, vestiges of the past that connect to the way things once were. Caring for and maintaining these properties is a delicate undertaking and a huge responsibility.

Rice-Tremonti homesstead historical renovation.

At Neighborhood Painting, we were honored to be chosen to help maintain the historic Rice-Tremonti House , a home in nearby Raytown, Missouri, that was built in 1844 and appears on the National Register of Historic Places. This home served as a popular site for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. Today, it is the oldest frame building in Jackson County.

In a letter from the president of the Rice-Tremonti Home, Leigh Elmore wrote:

“We are happy to report that the management of Neighborhood Painting and the worker dispatched to do the job were extremely mindful of the historic significance of the Rice-Tremonti Home and did their jobs carefully, efficiently and promptly … We were very pleased with the work that Neighborhood Painting did and will plan to use them in the future for the ongoing projects required in a house that is 173 years old.”

Need Help Renovating a Historic Home in Kansas City?

If you need help renovating a historic home in Kansas City, we’re here to help. Getting started is easy. We offer free estimates before work begins, and we also offer a free professional color consultation that will help you choose the perfect colors to complement your home. Let us use our 15 years of experience to provide historic home wood repair in Kansas City, as well as other historic home renovation services. Contact us today for your free estimate and color consultation.