Stunning 2014 Exterior Paint Color Schemes For Your Home

featured colors for 2014 from PPG paints for home improvements in the winter

Stunning 2014 Exterior Paint Color Schemes For Your Home

The state of color is always fluid, rushing forward and gathering influences from the world around Us! Not only that, but the economic state of the country often times influences exterior painting decisions. Color trends inspired by the economy?  You bet! That’s not the only influencer though. Interior design trends often seep outside, changing what the new “it” color schemes are for the outside of your home. In this post, we want to show you color palettes. Similar colors that can serve as a primary point of emphasis for the exterior of your home in 2014. First, what’s NOT on the docket:

Dark Browns Are On The Down-Hill Slide In 2014

brown colors in 2014Let’s face it…brown is dull. The only reason it was ever “in” is because of misconceptions that A) it hides dirt well and B) it’s one of the most non-offensive (and hence non-inspiring) color bases around. Realtors long suggested brown and it’s evil-cousin beige as a go-to, as it would certainly not turn any potential home-buyers off. Hence it being a long-standing favorite for new construction also. But we’re not interested in appealing to the huddled masses…we’re focused on what’s going to be awesome for your unique, individual home. So no dark brown please!

New Neutrals Are the Trending Colors Across The Country

ocean blue 2014 colorsWith the country still unsure of financial circumstances, a lot of things are in flux. Including definitions of old guard terms such as “neutral”. New Neutrals aren’t just your beige, creams and whites…think color pallets from nature. From oceanic colors to light green hillsides mixed with sand or driftwood. These are the “new neutrals” trending for 2014.  They’ll see you soon! And, might I add, not just for interior home painting projects…

Paint Companies Suggest Gray Will Appear In 2014

light grays are used in all things exteriorOne of the easiest ways to understand what is hot is by simple supply and demand. The big players in the paint manufacturing industry don’t force-feed colors – they respond to what people are buying and asking for in stores. And what are people buying? You guessed it – shades of gray (not 50 of them, but a lot of them). Gray is the new complement to everything. Teal and gray? Yep. Bright, bold colors with gray to tone them down? Yes again. Don’t expect Gray to be the focus of exterior paint schemes…but it’ll certainly be prevalent in a lot of schemes. Again, they key will be working this in with another color, not dominating the outside of your home with a dark and a light gray.

Get A Free Consultation Before Paying A Hired Gun

There’s a lot of companies out there capable of schlepping a few coats of paint on your home. At Neighborhood Painting, we take a more professional approach.  It all starts with a no hassle, free paint color consultation. Then we look at the existing state of your home to make sure you don’t need any wood rot or siding repair prior to starting work.  It’s pointless to paint if your canvass is rotten, you know?  When we give you a price, it’s in stone. And we’ll never sub-contract our work…ever.  If you’re ready to bring your house out of the ’90’s into the present, give us a call or fill out the short form today! Chances are that if you live in Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa or Olathe, we’ve done a house nearby recently…

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