The Best Paint Colors for an Office

Best Paint Colors for an Office

The Best Paint Colors for an Office

People are spending more and more time in offices, making it all the more vital to ensure these spaces are inviting, warm and inspiring. A quick coat of paint is one of the most effective and affordable ways to boost productivity and morale in any workspace.

When choosing the best paint colors for your office walls, you don’t need to limit yourself to stark whites and neutral grays. While those may seem like safe paint selections to give your office a sleek or modern appeal, when used inappropriately they can have the opposite effect, coming across as boring and outdated.

As society learns more about the science behind colors, it’s important to understand just how much color affects people’s behavior. While every individual sees color from a unique point of view, there are a few general rules about color psychology that could help you find the perfect shade for your interior office space.

Color Psychology

You might be surprised just how vital choosing the right office paint color can be if you’re hoping to promote productivity and overall employee happiness.

Color influences everyone on a basic, psychological level. When color wavelengths strike the eye, the retina converts these into electrical impulses that pass to the brain’s hypothalamus. This is the part of the brain which governs much of our activity. So, you can see that staring at the right color for hours on end can profoundly affect employee behavior.

The primary colors which influence psychology are blue, red, yellow and green. However, no color is found in isolation. Using the right combination or blend of colors can be just as impactful when choosing the best paint color for an office. When it comes to picking out a fun hue for your workspace, embrace your creativity. Here are some office paint color ideas to help you get started.

Choosing Colors That Promote Productivity and Boost Employee Morale

Cream-colored whites and cool grays are classic, go-to hues which can give your office a clean and efficient feel. However, they may not do much for your employees. That’s why statement colors are making a comeback, as more and more thought is being put into making an office a source of inspiration and creativity for those working within.

To illustrate the many directions you can take when it comes to choosing an office paint color, here are some shades which could have a tangible impact on your employees’ productivity and morale:

  • Blue: This color is known to stimulate intellect, logic, communication and efficiency. If your office requires focus and mental acumen, try painting the walls a deep blue, blue-gray or misty blue color.
  • Red: Red is the color of physical exertion, strength and excitement. However, it can be easily overdone if you’re not careful. If your workplace requires your employees to get up and go, try injecting some red coloring subtly, like in an accent wall or by using a muted rust hue.
  • Yellow: If you’ve got a large, airy office space, injecting some golden yellows will imbue the space with creativity, positivity and optimism. However, beware painting smaller offices yellow, as it tends to create stress.
  • Green: Green is the color of balance. This hue is most often found in nature and can create a sense of harmony in a worker. If your employees tend to work long hours, dark green paint is easy on the eyes. However, avoid bright shades of green, as these appear more sickly when splashed across a wall.

Blended colors like dark orange or peach may also work in your office, creating a sense of comfort and peace while subtly injecting the space with a bit of energy.

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