Things To Consider When Repainting A Luxury Home

Things To Consider When Repainting A Luxury Home

Luxury homes (or “high-end” homes) are more difficult to repaint than average homes. We’ve been busy in areas like Mission Hills, Leawood and parts of Prairie Village so far this spring, and there’s some common elements among them. A few things to consider:

  • Surface prep is more important than most realize – Many of these luxury high-end homes are actually older homes. Repainting often happens after walls have been altered or removed, and sometimes new materials have been introduced. Prep work to remove any fine dust is critical. Also prepping dissimilar materials requires a different process to ensure that a fresh paint job finishes smoothly and evenly. If you have considered using a painting company that doesn’t have an extensive prep process, that’s a big red flag.
  • High end interiorOften times painting will begin as other rooms are still under construction. Great care has to be taken not to get furniture, artwork and other valuables damaged during the process. Being licensed and insured is also important. Working with an actual painting company that has skilled craftsmen versus “a guy hired by your subcontractor” makes a big difference. Many unique items just can’t be replaced. Don’t trust them around anyone.
  • Going through an extensive remodel is not something homeowners want to do twice. Warranties and guarantees are paramount to making sure people get what they want – and that the work will withstand the test of time. One of the biggest reasons we continue to do work in select areas of Johnson County is our industry leading warranty on all of our work.
  • Many homeowners are so concerned about the overall remodel that they don’t spend adequate time considering the color schemes of their house. They end up with a fairly common interior look and feel after spending a ton on a new look and feel. It comes down to colors. If your contractor or painter doesn’t offer a great color consultation, consider making a switch. It’s amazing what impact the right colors make on first (and last) impressions.

Regardless if you’re in Mission Hills, Lenexa, Leawood, Overland Park or Prairie Village, if you’re planning a remodel don’t overlook the need for consulting with a true professional painting company. It’s the finishing touch to the home you’ve always wanted!

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