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Tips For Picking Paint Colors

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Tips For Picking Paint Colors

<H2>Ideas for picking paint colors</H2>Take a color out of something else that is going to be in the room (Favorite Picture, Window Treatment, Furniture etc). Purchase a few of these colors in small quarts (while no one wants to buy paint they won’t use, this can keep you from buying gallons of the wrong color). Use the small quarts to paint on to a piece of paper, or small piece of trim/ wood etc. Now hold these samples next to the item you’ve selected- to see if it’s the right color or not. If it isn’t quite right the paint companies can adjust the colorants slightly to try and achieve the color you are looking for.

You might even look to a video for inspiration:

Once you think you have your color, the next step is to try them out on the wall. You should pick several areas, and look at these areas at different times of the day before you decide. Lighting has a huge effect on how your eye perceives color.

Consider some of the colors that prominent paint manufacturers are promoting.  We prefer to use PPG Porter Paints whenever possible, due to their stellar reputation and high quality.  But look at others like Behr and Sherwin-Williams as well.

Let a Pro pick paint colors for your

Picking the interior paint color scheme might require professional help.  That’s where we come in! As you can see, we offer a completely free color consultation to all customers.  What are you waiting for?  Give us a call today!


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