Understanding Low-Ball Painting & Remodeling Bids

Understanding Low-Ball Painting & Remodeling Bids

You’ve probably heard the term “low-ball” before, especially in regards to a bid or offer. We see them all the time in our industry. Low-ball painting and remodeling bids, unfortunately, can seem really attractive to many homeowners.

By definition, when a contractor offers a too-good-to-be-true price (often far below the industry average for professional interior remodeling or painting) with the intent of finding a loophole to raise the price later, that’s a low-ball offer. Often times price changes occur mid-work, or the work itself isn’t what was scoped out initially. In either instance, it’s usually too late to change and the once seemingly sweet deal turned sour in the end.

This is an instance where doing even a little homework tends to pay a large dividend. Let’s say that you’re looking at having your home’s interior repainted this winter, and one contractor has a price that is nearly 50% less than the other bid you’ve received. The first-blush reaction may be to trash that other estimate and hop on the phone to schedule this amazing deal before it’s gone. But the devil, as usual, is in the details. Price is just one consideration. Don’t hesitate to dig deeper and find out important information such as:

Coutry Brown* What sort of warranty does the work carry?

* How much (if any) prep work will go into the repaint process?

* Will sub-contractors be used, or full time company employees?

* Are there references and photo examples of previous work available?

* Are high quality paints being used?

Within those questions are important observations to be made also. If the contractor offers a warranty but has only been in business a short while, is it worth the paper it’s written on? Same goes for one man and sub-contracted crews. If there’s little to no prep work being done, how long will the work hold up and will it look professional? If off-brand paint is being used, will it fade or wear excessively fast?

These all add up to an important calculation. Value. Although low-ball bids can look attractive based on that one factor (cost), their overall value is usually quite low. There is a financial consideration that must be applied to piece of mind, a true (and worthwhile) warranty, and quality craftsmanship that looks and feels truly professional. Not to mention the actual shelf-life of the work. If you’re back repainting the same walls in just a few short years, the time and hassle alone make that a losing proposition.

If you’re looking for a local, professional painting and interior remodeling company with a 90% positive referral rating, a true industry-leading warranty and full-time craftsmen level employees, please contact us today. There’s a short form on the right of this post that will allow you to do just that. We look forward to helping you bring your home’s interior to life soon!

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