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What is Wood Rot / Dry Rot? Why Does it Matter?

an example of a kansas city home with wood rot

What is Wood Rot / Dry Rot? Why Does it Matter?

Wood rot. Dry rot. Many Kansas City area homeowners aren’t aware of the threat these pose to their wood exteriors. Even homeowners with partial brick or siding still likely have some exposed wood. Let’s take an educational approach to what exactly you’re dealing with.

An infographic with wood rot and dry rot on facia board in kansas cityWood rot is simply the decay of wooden material. Even fresh cut trees start decaying as soon as they’re felled. Paints, stains and sealants protect wood but once that protection is lost, the decay starts again (rapidly). Dry rot, on the other hand, is caused by a species of fungi. There’s four main stages of the dry rot lifecycle. First is the microscopic spore entering and laying dormant. Second is the state after the spores are subjected to moisture, and grow into what’s called hyphae. The third stage is germination, when large visible masses start to form (called mycelium). In the final stage, the fruiting body pumps out new spores to the surrounding area. Interestingly, antifreeze or glycol is effective in killing this fungus. Epoxy treatments are also available to fill the wood and kill the rot. Affected areas can also simply be removed.

Both if these are items that require attention before doing any sort of professional exterior painting, of course. Dry rot should not simply be painted over to ‘cover it’. That won’t hold for the long haul.

Dry rot and wood rot are both often the result of inadequate prep work from a previous paint job. Caulking and professional sealants are the best defense against future wood rot repair expenses. Expert prep work is one of the many areas that we excel in, and that separate us from the competition. We separate prep work and painting with two crews, for this very reason. We inspect the prep work thoroughly before the paint crew ever steps foot on your property. No rush jobs, no corner cutting to save time and increase profit margins.

Our expertise with wood rot and dry rot repair is one of the reasons we’re the top rated exterior home painter in the Kansas City metro. More than 95% of our customers refer us to their friends and family. Call us today for a free estimate and consultation, and you’ll see why!

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