Wood Rot? Think Twice Before Choosing Vinyl Siding

wood rot is replaced instead of choosing a cheap white vinyl siding

Wood Rot? Think Twice Before Choosing Vinyl Siding

-Updated 4/12/2023

Comparing Vinyl Siding to Wood Rot Repair & Fresh Paint

If you are thinking about painting your home, chances are you may get told that there’s wood rot in some spots. Or, you may have wood rot in some spots and NOT get told of the current rotting process (which is way worse). Either way, vinyl siding comes into the conversation for most people. We all know the sales pitch…”lasts a lifetime” and “you never have to paint again”. Never mind the massive price tag…it can sound good to a lot of people, and rightfully so. When done right, it can totally change the look of your home’s siding. But there are a few things you’ll need to consider:

wood rot repair is performed in a leawood home with brown trimSome vinyl siding companies will cover up damaged wood and side right over existing wood rot. They will frame around rotted window sills and brick moldings, cover up rotted trim, etc.  Fungi and Dry rot will continue to spread even if moisture is not present, that’s why it’s important to address any wood rot before installing new siding. That “lifetime” vinyl covering can droop and warp pretty quickly. Without the right foundation, no job will last.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding Compared to Fresh Paint

Vinyl siding can actually be damaged fairly easily. The strong wind we always get each year in the Kansas City area can tear vinyl right off the side of a home. Hail storms are tricky as well. Even regular lawn maintenance with consistent debris getting shot out of a mower can have a damaging effect. These are the kinds of horror stories we clean up from time to time.

Over time, vinyl will fade and can become chalky. So can a new coat of paint years later, but when your $50,000 siding job shows fade, that’s a little tougher pill to swallow than the fraction of that you spent on fresh paint.

Despite this high price tag, most vinyl siding has a cheap appearance to it. If you are going to pay an arm and a leg, it should LOOK like you paid an arm and a leg! You’re really limited in terms of both color selection and available finishes when choosing vinyl siding products and a siding contractor.

wood rot is replaced on a blue house in blue springs missouriLook, my opinion is obviously a little biased…but in my honest professional estimation a quality painted facade is the richest finish you can get.  If you have a high-end home, or just want your home to LOOK high end, skip the siding and get a professional vibrant new exterior coat of paint for your home (after getting any wood rot or dry rot issues fixed, of course). If the proper prep work is done, the paint on your home should last up to 15 years – 10 at the least. So what if you have to add a fresh coat every decade?  Your home is your castle and it’s worth the upkeep. Plus the selection available to you in terms of making your home one-of-a-kind is far superior to any prefabricated siding product.  And don’t forget about the wood rot!  Any wood rot can be completely and professionally removed.  Having problems once doesn’t mean you’ll have them again – especially if preventative care and maintenance is something you’re interested in taking the time to do.

If you live anywhere in the KC Metro, please call us for a completely free color consultation for the interior and exterior of your home.  If you have wood rot, we can fix it.  Don’t give up on your home’s potential, the best look and feel and curb appeal is STILL fresh paint, not vinyl.  Save that for your record collection, not the siding on your home.

Thanks as always for your readership and business!  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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