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Your Guide to High Quality Exterior Painting in Kansas City

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Your Guide to High Quality Exterior Painting in Kansas City

Nowadays, homeowners like everyone else are looking for ways to reduce costs. However, if you are planning on having a Kansas City painting contractor apply a cheap coat of paint to the exterior of your house, you might want to reconsider. A careful analysis shows that in the long run, it is actually cheaper to use the best quality exterior paint, despite the higher initial cost. Most of the cost of exterior painting goes to the contractors, who will apply the paint to your home and not the actual paint. Paying a little more for quality paint does not significantly increase the total cost of the work but it provides the best performance and gives a smooth and uniform finish to your home enhancing its curb appeal and overall value.

When choosing exterior paints, an important decision is the quality of the paint. Sice high quality exterior paints are designed to produce the best results that will last for many years to come, they are more durable than the interior variety. Even if these quality exterior paints cost more on the outset, they provide a more long-term value and thus pay for itself in the long run. It is an investment that will pay for itself because you will not have to deal with less expensive paint that chip or flake easily.

Even if the actual paint job is left to a contractor, you still want to be able to give some input during the color selection. Most residential painting companies offer samples of paint chips so that homeowners can choose from their wide variety of colors. You can also choose to hire a design consultant to help you choose the perfect combination. Note, however, that the paint chips only representations; the actual color will depend on the amount of layers and the casting of light on the paint.

Oil paint is not often used to paint the exterior of a house because acrylic exterior paint or water-based paint is more durable. In addition, the oil exterior paint is of inferior quality because it may have been modified to comply with EPA regulations. Oil exterior paint outside sometimes still used for houses and barns though rarely. While ordinary exterior paint lasts about four years, acrylic exterior paint lasts longer than 10 years. This goes a long way to explain the cost savings when using acrylic exterior paint.

In addition, a good exterior paint job will extend the life of your siding and trim in the same way that it extends the life of your home’s exterior. Durability is key here. It will keep them protected from the elements and make your investment last longer so that you will not have to keep spending more on less expensive but inferior paint jobs time and time again.

We use high quality paint from top brands.  The sample video below shows the type of quality paints we use during our exterior painting process, and how they are created from raw materials to finished product (a factory tour of Sherman Williams in this case):

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