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Things to Consider Before Starting an Interior Painting Project

White Interior Painting on Brick Wall

A new paint color can transform a room into something entirely different, making it a simple way to brighten up a tired space. If you’re hoping to start an interior painting project, you have an exciting journey ahead of you.

Though changing paint colors is a great way to update your home, creating a quality product requires careful planning. At Neighborhood Painting, our experts can help you…

Popular Paint Colors for Kitchens

Classic Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most buzzing rooms in your home, so make sure your new color makes diners feel comfortable and stimulates hunger. Typically, dark shades of blue, green, purple or cool neutrals don’t encourage an appetite and can make the room seem closed off. Popular paint color for kitchens include white, yellow, red, gray and light blues and greens. But ultimately, the kitchen…

How Often Do I Need to Repaint?

Painted Kitchen

Are the walls in your house starting to look a bit faded or dingy? Wondering how often should you repaint your house? Repainting your home interior depends largely on the room type and how often its used — rooms that get a lot of use like kitchen and bathrooms will need a new coat more often than other rooms like a bedroom. When deciding which rooms need to be repainted, consider rooms that get…

Popular Paint Colors for Living Rooms

White Painted Living Room

Living rooms are the ideal place to entertain friends and family or unwind at the end of the day by watching television, reading or doing your favorite hobbies. These rooms are a central location in your home and are a great place to explore your personal style — go bold and energetic or inviting and casual. Discover the best living room paint trends for your home with the following color…

Interior Colors of 2018

Interior Colors of 2018

Are you looking to update your home to the latest design trend in time for the new year? By keeping up with the popular paint colors for 2018, you determine your interior mood for the upcoming year and what type of furniture and accessories you’ll invest in. Top paint brand companies are setting the tone for sincerity, mindfulness and connectivity in the new year. Explore the trendy paint…

Connecting Rooms With Color

an expensive home's interior is painted brown and gold


Playing with fun new colors can be an exciting lift to your home’s design, but too many colors or contrasting palettes can make your home feel cluttered or disjointed. When creating the aesthetic for your house, it’s important to consider continuity between rooms or areas by knowing which colors complement each other and how to use color to tie spaces together.
Choosing Colors for…

Why Painting Company Reviews Matter

Reviews get a bad rap sometimes. There’s so many sites out there that offer them, and there’s so many people in our industry that “fake” their reviews. It can be frustrating as a consumer, we hear that quite a bit.

Below are some of the most trusted review sites when you’re choosing a painting contractor. These sites are trusted for a few reasons. First, they offer real insights from…

5 Frequntly Asked Interior Painting Questions

We’ve painted hundreds and hundreds of interiors all across the KC metro. The point of saying this up front isn’t to brag, it’s simply providing context for the following FAQ’s. Trust me when I say many of these questions have been asked a hundred times before! If you’re considering re-painting your home’s interior, this may answer a few of your questions up front…

Do I have to…

Relaxing Paint Colors For Your Bathroom

green sage adds a relaxing feel to a newly painted bathroom

Kansas City winters are harsh, there’s no debating that. After a long day in the blustering wind and chilly temperatures, nothing beats coming home and unwinding with a nice hot shower or warm bath.

It’s even nicer if your bathroom feels like a relaxing, peaceful retreat. If you have kids, the bathroom may be your getaway room. The one place in the house where you can lock the door and…

Why Painting In The Winter Is A Smart Idea

image of a home that was painted in the winter

Painting in the winter can seem counter intuitive. It’s cold. You’re inside all the time. You can’t get a really clear picture of how light will affect the room. All true statements.

However, there’s a few counter-claims to consider that are certainly worth consideration. Painting your home’s interior in the winter is a smart idea if you take into account the information…

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